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In Loving Memory

March 1, 1991

first issue of The Gospel Trumpeter, published by the Church of God, God's Acres

(20 years of publication)

March of 1991 marked the twentieth anniversary of The Gospel Trumpeter. God has and is still blessing the printed page. The Gospel Trumpeter was started in March of 1971 with the burden to proclaim the truth to the souls of mankind, and it is still published with that same vision. Many who once worked on this great endeavor are not with us, for they have gone on to their eternal reward. We, who are still on this side of eternity, have a big job on our hands, one that takes in every born-again Christian, and that is to stand for truth. Our commitment is to do our best by the grace of God to publish a paper that will reach out and strengthen the people of God and bring them to a closer walk with Him.

This is a picture of the church building located at the corner of 6th and Locust streets in Newark — the location where The Gospel Trumpeter was printed from January 1974 - April 1988

This is a picture of the old church building on the corner of 6th and Locust streets in Newark.
This picture shows the current location
of The Gospel Trumpeter office.

This is the current location of the Gospel Trumpeter printing office.

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In this issue you can read the following articles:
  • "Ask for the Old Paths" by Roger Decker
  • "Accounted Worthy" by Emerson Wilson
  • "Possessing Your Vessel" by Iris Moran
  • "Guaranteed Healing on a Conditional Warranty " by Cleve Green
  • "The Importance of Prayer" by W. R. Ogden

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