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Basic Truth #7

The Book of Revelation is written in seven series.

The Revelation is not written like a chapter book; it is written in seven series. Each series begins in a certain place in the Revelation and carries the reader through a portion of the Gospel Day, the threshold of the Second Coming of Christ. A new series then starts with the next chapter.

Careful study of the Revelation proves that it is a prophecy of the church, of her conflict with the many adversaries, beginning with Christ's first advent and climaxing with the Second Coming of Christ, which will bring the destruction of the earth and the heavens. There is nothing in the Bible that teaches anything, beyond that, except the judgment scene.

The seven series in the Revelation are as follows:

  • Series One: Chapters 1-3 are the letters to the seven churches in Asia, or letters that cover seven periods of time.
  • Series Two: Chapters 4 and 5 are a vision of God's throne, the government of the church and the opening of God's plan of salvation.
  • Series Three: Chapters 6-11 show the opening of the seven seals and the consequences that follow.
  • Series Four: Chapter 12 portrays the parental phase of the church, showing 1) the pure woman, the church, bringing forth her new converts and 2) the power of pagan Rome working in that day to devour those converts.
  • Series Five: Chapters 13-19 show the false systems of religion brought forth by the devil and how the church overcame them.
  • Series Six: Chapter 20 is a series in itself, picturing the binding and the loosing of the dragon.
  • Series Seven: Chapters 21 and 22 give a clear vision of the church in the evening time, letting us see that she is just as complete, perfect, and powerful in the evening time as she was in the morning time.

The above excerpts are from the following study materials:

Preparing to Pour Out the Vials
by Bro. Emerson Wilson and
Introduction to the Revelation by Earl R. Borders