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Basic Truth #6

The Book of Revelation includes events of the past, present, and future.

  • Revelation 1:19 gives a clear scope of the Revelation, stating, "Write the things thou hast seen [past tense], and the things which are [present tense], and the things which shall be hereafter [future tense].
  • When the Apostle John received the Revelation (approximately A.D. 96), the Gospel Day had already been operating for sixty-three years (since A.D. 33). Therefore, some of these scenes were things that had already taken place, some were taking place as a present-tense reality, and others would take place in other portions of the Gospel Day.
  • There is much truth to be understood about the events portrayed in the Revelation. One of those events is the great battle of Armageddon, the battle of truth against error, which has been going on ever since the Garden of Eden. If we are going to carry on in our walk with Christ, we must know who our enemies are. This is the reason the devil keeps men in darkness. However, the Word of God has been given to bring understanding in these areas.

The above excerpts are from the following study materials:

Winepress of the Wrath of God
by Bro. Emerson Wilson
The Book of Revelation Explained, Volume 1
by Earl R. Borders