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In Loving Memory

Another faithful child of God has finished his life here with victory and gone on to live eternally with the Lord. Praise the Lord! Brother Harry L. Craig of Newark, Ohio, passed on to his rich reward September 29, 1992.

Brother Craig was born in Athens County, Ohio, on March 4, 1906, to Andrew J. and Caroline (Skinner) Craig. He married Myrtle Simpson in 1927. They were the parents of three sons, Ralph, Charles, and Frank, and they were married for over 54 years when Sister Craig died in 1982.

After Brother Craig was saved, God used him as an evangelist to proclaim the truths of the Church of God. He pastored a short time at Rocky Fork, Ohio, and preached on a radio station in Zanesville, Ohio. During the Depression years, Brother Craig was out of work for 18 months, and many times when they were without food, he prayed and the Lord provided for them. One Thanksgiving Day as the family traveled to Glouster without the turkey that they had prayed for, Ralph spied a large bundle on the road, so they stopped. The bundle proved to be a frozen turkey! Their prayers were answered just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. There were many other instances when God answered prayer for this man of great faith.

Before he owned a car, he hitchhiked his way to other towns to preach. God always provided someone to get him there on time. He was never known to turn down a call because of not having a ride. Brother Craig was employed as a machine operator at Rockwell International until he resigned to pastor at Greentown, near Canton, Ohio. He never allowed his employment to interfere with his work for God, and God took care of them. He never turned down a call to fill in for a fellow minister or to pray for the sick.

Pastors W. A. Wilson, Emerson A. Wilson, and Roger L. Decker were his pastors in his home congregation through his long life. He was a great encouragement to each of them and could be depended upon to help when needed. In his later years he was still burdened to work for the Lord, although his health was failing. God used him to the end. His homecoming service at the church at God Acres on Saturday, October 3, 1992, was beautiful and glorious. God's presence witnessed in such a wonderful way that there was much rejoicing by the saints. The tears that were shed were tears of joy and gladness that Brother Craig had made his final journey with victory, and that we could too, if we remain true and faithful to the end. Many of his favorite songs were sung by the singers and the choir. A poem by his granddaughter, Diane (Craig) Nichols, was read entitled "My Grampa." Brother Craig's son Charlie read his poem entitled "Farewell to a Faithful Warrior." Brother Richard Talbot told of many instances in which God used Brother Craig. He likened his life to a living Bible, and he read a fitting poem, Don't Grieve for Me.

Brother Roger Decker spoke of his glorious passing and how God's presence was there in the room in such a marvelous way. He read Genesis 5:24, which says, "And Enoch walked with God: and he was not: for God took him." Brother Craig walked with God, he fought a good fight, and God took him. He read Revelation 14:13, which states, "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth: Yea, with the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."

Brother Craig is in God's rest home. He is an example for us. Brother Craig leaves behind three sons and their wives, 13 grandchildren, and 28 great-grandchildren. One granddaughter is deceased. Although he will be dearly missed, we are so happy for him, that he is with the Lord. What a payday!


photo of Brother and Sister Harry Craig, ministers of the Church of God

photo of Brother Harry Craig, minister of the Church of God

family of Brother Harry Craig, minister of the Church of God

Brother Craig and His Wife,
Sister Myrtle Craig

Brother Craig in Prayer

Sister Myrtle Craig, Daughter-in-
Law, Granddaughter, and



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