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In Loving Memory

It is with deep sorrow and grief that we have had to say goodbye to one of God's faithful warriors of the Cross. Brother Dickerson departed this life for the portals of glory Tuesday, June 6, 2006. He has fought the good fight of faith; he has run his course with victory and gained his promised crown. He now enjoys the bliss that awaits all the pure in heart. The robe of flesh in which his soul was clothed for some eighty-six years has been laid aside. All the trials, burdens, and heartaches that he carried have vanished away. Never again will he have to suffer pain or affliction. He has moved into the heavenly phase of God's kingdom called eternity.

Brother Herb Dickerson was born on April 15, 1920, in West Carlisle, Ohio. He was the son of Joseph D. and Florence (Barcus) Dickerson. In 1932 the Dickerson family moved to Jacksontown, Ohio, to look for work. Approximately a year later, the family moved to Newark, Ohio. Their home was very close to the Church of God congregation located at the corner of Sixth and Locust Streets. The Dickersons felt an emptiness in their hearts and a need to know God in a personal way. After visiting several different churches in the neighborhood, they often heard the beautiful singing coming from the Church of God. As they heard the joyful singing of the songs of Zion, a tender chord was struck in their hearts. Young Helen Dickerson was the first to visit the services. When she came home after a service, she told her parents and family, "This is just what we have been searching for!" The following Sunday, the entire family was in the services and heard Brother W. A. Wilson proclaim the Gospel. Their hungering and thirsting for spiritual food was being satisfied.

Brother Herb Dickerson was called to active duty in the United States Military and served in the European Theatre. He was among the many soldiers who invaded Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944. There were hundreds of lives lost in that battle, but no doubt, God spared this dear brother for a special reason. God sees the end of our lives from the beginning and realizes the potential that each soul has if he or she will only yield to Him.

When Brother Dickerson returned home after the war, his spiritual condition was not good. However, the Lord kept His eye on this young man and began to work with him. In the meantime he became reacquainted with a dear young lady with whom he fell in love. Brother Dickerson and Sister Kathryn Price were married January 2, 1946, with Brother Harry Craig officiating the ceremony. In just a short while, Brother and Sister Dickerson came face to face with the Chief Shepherd and Bishop of their souls. At an altar of prayer they surrendered their hearts to God and to His service.

Brother Dickerson taught a Sunday school class, where he labored faithfully while under Brother W. A. Wilson's ministry. Not long afterward, God began to deal with Brother Dickerson regarding preaching the good news of the Gospel. For a period of time, he preached wherever he was needed.

Soon God began to burden Brother Dickerson's heart for the full-time ministry as a pastor. In 1955 he pastored his first congregation, located in Goshen, Ohio. Later he was called to pastor at the Black Run Church of God. In 1966 God saw that the congregation of saints at Medina, Ohio, was in need of a pastor to lead them. Brother and Sister C. H. Dickerson followed the call of God and labored faithfully in that work for forty years, until Brother Dickerson passed on to his reward. Through their efforts, many precious souls found their way into the Kingdom of God through the new birth.

Brother Dickerson did not shun to declare all the counsel of God as the Lord revealed it to him. His departing certainly has left a great void in the Medina congregation and also in the fellowship of other congregations. However, our loss is Heaven's gain. He is now enjoying the things that yet await all those who remain faithful and true to the cause of God. He is enjoying the fruit of his labors.

In Brother Dickerson's last few months of affliction, he often said, "I have nothing to complain about." His burden was for the congregation in Medina, Ohio, to stay together in unity. His last message to this dear congregation was on unity.

To his precious, grieving congregation, let us encourage you. Although your skies may seem to be very dark at this time, keep looking up! God has a purpose in all things that come our way. We may not see the purpose now, but we will understand it better farther along. The Lord will not forsake you in this hour of great grief and heartache. He will make a way for you as He has made a way for others. Our prayers are with dear Sister Dickerson and the congregation. We trust that God will grant grace, strength, and comfort in the days to come.

A funeral service for Brother Dickerson was held at the Medina Church of God on Wednesday, June 8, 2006, with Brother Roger L. Decker officiating. A second funeral service was held at the Church of God at God's Acres on Saturday, June 10, 2006. The pallbearers were Brothers Earl R. Borders, Ronald Cummings, George Gordon, Irwin L. Sesher, Marty Simpson, Daniel Webster and Bernard Wilson. Brother Dickerson was then laid to rest at Wilson Memorial Gardens in Newark, Ohio, with full military honors. Brother Dickerson was a part of D-Day on June 6, 1944. This year, on the anniversary of when the Battle of Normandy began, God called our dear brother home at the conclusion of his last battle.

Brother Dickerson is survived by his wife of sixty years; daughter, Sharon Lahmon; sister, Helen Dickerson; and brother, Austin Dickerson. In addition to his parents, Brother Dickerson was preceded in death by daughter, Becki Runion; sister, Blanche Dumm; and brother, Raymond Dickerson.

Some of Brother Dickerson's favorite Bible verses are found in Job 23:10-12, which read: "But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot hath held his steps, his way have I kept, and not declined. Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips."

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